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The most epic product design portfolio
Guido Cardarelli
Rare Product Designer
From Patagonia, based in Berlin
Design Systems Prophet
Design engineer by nature
UX Motion Wizard
Creator of lovable experiences
Accessibility Healer
Fluent in WCAG 2.2
Storytelling Alchemist
Telling stories with magic
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Work from the last three years
Delivery Hero is the global leading food delivery service present in over 70 countries across four continents.
Lead Product Designer
2021 - Today
How I brought delight and character through a Design System
Including a reusable motion system and guidelines
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2 min video, 5 min read
Bento DS Teaser
Design and produced by myself in collaboration with Otavio Vidal
The impact of leading a company Guild focused on Interaction Design
The IxD and UX Motion Guild
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2 min video, 5 min read
IxD Guild Showreel
Design and produced by myself featuring work from multiple designers and engineers
How I envisioned the future of the web consumer UX
Leading a cross/domain redesign initiative
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Desktop LP
Spotlight moments
Speaking & Teaching
Favorite speaker at internal UX summit
Earned the distinction of being the most favored speaker at the 2023 Delivery Hero UX Summit, surpassing speakers from industry giants like DH, Adobe, Miro, and Lyssna. This achievement was particularly notable given the prestigious lineup and an estimated audience of over 200 designers.
10 minutes interactive presentation
First place in an internal Product Hackathon
Secured the top position among 27 competing teams from Berlin and Singapore in a hackathon centered around Accessibility. Our winning concept was dedicated to enhancing the accessibility of our applications for families with young children, aligning seamlessly with the overarching theme of the event.
Certificate of acknowledgement. This certificate is awarded to Guido Sanchez Cardarelli for 1st Place with team My Family in the 2021 Pandora Hackathon
IxD highlights from previous jobs
Emlen logo
Contributed to the successful launch of Emlen, a sales enablement SAS product, starting from inception.
Senior Product Designer
2020 - 2021
Prototype of the secret weapon of Go-to-Market sales teams
Conceptualisation of a high-quality digital sales room
fanomena logo
Collaborated with Fanomena to design and develop their web and mobile product stack for marketing activation.
Product Designer
2018 - 2020
Fully functional drag and drop form builder of a SaaS product
Project designed and developed hand by hand with the amazing developer Rasmus Reiler
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